January 20, 2018

How to remove or change footer in BigCommerce

If you are using BigCommerce as your online store/cart, you may want to remove the footer link back to BigCommerce. This tutorial will demonstrate how to remove the “Sell Products Online with Big Commerce” link and text in the footer of your BigCommerce store template.


  1. Michael

    I would like to add a custom footer to my site with dreamweaver. I thought when I went with bigcommerce access to html development would be a snap because I have used dreamweaver for years to build sites. Well, I jumped into a pond I have not been familiar with and do not know what to do. Everywhere on the web that I inquire about changing the footer, custom footer, adding links brings me back to your post. Panels, Snippets, etc. is new in my vocabulary now that I have signed up with bigcommerce. I have tried adding links with the tutorial however it is not linking back to the page in reference. Could you please share with me if there is a normal way )like designing a footer in dreamweaver with links and implanting into the footer in big commerce?

    Thank You

    • Michael R Erb says:

      Karen, why use Dreamweaver if all you need to do is customize the footer? I guess I’d need a little more information pertaining to what exactly you want to change in the footer to customize it. Are you using one of the “stock” BigCommerce templates?

  2. Thanks Michael. I was looking to change the text on copyright notice on the footer. On a site I am working on, the “StoreName” is not the legal name of the owner, and Big Commerce does not appear to have a different variable for this. Your tutorial was close enough to lead me to the solution. In the “Footer.html” file, I removed %%GLOBAL_StoreName%% and substituted the text I needed.


    • Michael R Erb says:

      Happy to hear it got you on the right track. BC is a pretty decent solution but it’s not always obvious how to get it to behave properly.

  3. Do you know how to edit the mobile footer? Currently it’s just an ad for BC! Grrrr…..