January 20, 2018

TinyGrab review, bare bones screen grabs

tinygrab-screen-captureTinyGrab is a new screen grab app that harnesses the power of the MacOS’s native screen capture utility and adds the ability to instantly have that screen grab uploaded to a server, either the tinygrab server or ftp’d to your own server. If you choose to use tinygrab’s server, you also have access to shortened URL’s to that image and the ability to store or delete the images from their server.

I first learned about TinyGrab from MacHeist. MacHeist is best know for offering amazing bundles of Macintosh shareware at ridiculously low prices. Over the last couple  years, I have obtained some great deals beacuse of their bundles. Well,  MacHeist currently has what they call a  “nanoBundle” available that includes 6 apps and they are offering this software bundle for free, but only for a few more days. Check out their website to learn more.

So back to TinyGrab… it’s cool because it only requires that you use the standard MacOS keyboard shortcut for screen capture namely “command-shift-4” which gives you a crosshair cursor with image dimensions to enable you to click and drag the precise size of screen area you want to capture. Once captured, TinyGrab saves the image to your desktop and instantly uploads (or ftp’s) the image to the server. Once the upload is complete, the menubar icon for TinyGrab flashes and a notification sound chimes (this notification sound can be changed or disabled in the TinyGrab preferences).

TinyGrab is a young  product and has some issues. Currently there is no way to batch delete screen captures that have been uploaded to their servers. You have to go through a 5-click process to delete a single image. This is clearly not efficient and they have already indicated that a new improved method will be in place soon. Another issue, at least right now, is that as a result of the deluge of people obtaining  and using the app because of the MacHeist promotion, the tinygrab.com server has been overwhelmed and I’ve been experiencing frequent page errors when accessing the control panel of their website.

In spite of these early issues, TinyGrab might be worth a look if  what you need is a really quick way to do a screen grab and then be able to provide a URL to someone else to view or obtain that image.

It’s one of many screen grab choices. What do you think of TinyGrab?

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