January 20, 2018

Update: Monkey Mirror upgrade. An improved helmet mounted cycling mirror.

I first discovered the Monkey Mirror in the Fall of 2011. Since then the Monkey Mirror has had an upgrade.

There have been a few improvements to the Monkey Mirror. First of all the Monkey Mirror is created out of an actual bike spoke. The improvement is that the spoke length is now a bit longer which makes it a bit easier for viewing. The difference is only about 5mm or so, but it does make enough of a difference to be noticeable. It also appears that the rubberized coating on the mirror is now a bit thicker than before. Finally, the mirror is now finished off with a clear coat. The previous mirror had an issue with water being able to sneak in between the mirror layers causing discoloration in the mirror itself along the edges. The clear coat which is now being applied should put an end to that problem.

The manufacturer of the Monkey Mirror also recommends applying a car wax to the backside of the mirror a few times a year to help prevent it from fading. As before, you can have a custom image applied to the back of the mirror and this is cool for velo clubs or organizations.

I really enjoy using the Monkey Mirror. It’s Made in the USA and of good quality.