January 20, 2018

Magento: Ampersand symbol not showing in Product Name

With the update to Magento I discovered that any Product Name that contained an ampersand character, like “Loaves & Fishes” was not being displayed properly. Instead of the ampersand character showing, the entity was showing instead, "&". Curiously, the ampersand was being displayed in other areas correctly, such as the breadcrumb.

This caused me to investigate. I discovered that a number of other people were experiencing similar issues with ampersands not displaying. I filed a bug report with Magento and a couple days later I received a response. It seems that this is a behavior that actually has a toggle.

If you are experiencing this yourself, go to Catalog>Attributes>Manage Attributes, then click the “name” attribute code in the first column to open the properties window. Scroll down in the window until you see “Allow HTML-tags on Front-end” and be sure to set the value to “Yes.” Save your changes and then check your store. This should fix the problem and you should now see “&” instead of “&” in the Product Name.


  1. Do you have a solution for Category names not showing ampersands? There seems to be no toggle for category names.


  2. The fact that it is showing & instead of & is because it is actually re-encoding the & so if you look at the source you get &&. If you go in the backend and rename the category you probably named something like DVD & Blu-Ray to DVD & Blu-Ray, the front and will encode the & to & and all should be good.

  3. I had this same issue, I followed the details you mentioned above which worked great for the product name still having issues with the categories, Ive currently had to go through and change them to ‘and’ instead of &.

    Hope someone finds a solution

    • Michael R Erb says:

      Magento has its quirks that’s for sure. If you find the ultimate solution please let me know. I’ve actually moved on to Big Commerce. It was much easier for me to understand although it has its own issues too!