January 20, 2018

Review of Ultra Light Bike Mirror by D+D Oberlauda

I have a love/hate relationship with cycling mirrors. Most of the ones I’ve tried, and I’ve tried quite a few over the years, just haven’t worked out well. I think I’ve finally found one that works pretty well and is fairly flexible in where it can be mounted.

On my road bike I found three areas where it seemed to be good. I mounted the mirror in three different locations; At the end of the bottom of the bars, around the brake hoods and just below the brake hoods on the handlebar. My video review will demonstrate these three positions.

The mirror is very light, weighing about 2 oz. The light weight of the mirror makes it less prone to vibrating. The mirror surface is convex which results in a distorted view and that makes it hard to judge distances using the mirror. However the convex shape gives you a wide angle of view and seeing approaching vehicles is much easier with this type of mirror.

I paid about $25 from Performance Bike and think it’ll do the trick for me.

Some of the other mirrors I’ve tried but didn’t like for various reasons were the…

CycleAware Reflex Mirror: This is a helmet mount mirror and it vibrated quite a bit. Also, it was always getting whacked out of shape when I’d take my helmet off. I found it difficult to adjust and the mirror gives a very small field of view. It takes some getting used to.

Blackburn Road Mirror: This mirror has a bracket that mounts over the brake hood. I didn’t like it. The mirror vibrated and the extra thickness around the brake hood just bothered me.

Everyone will have their preference, but right now I like the Ultra Light bike Mirror by D+D Oberlauda. I got mine at Performance Bike.


  1. Lyle Hardin says:

    Michael thank you for the review and excellent vidio of the D+D Oberlauda bike mirror. I have been going through mirrors as you had, and I think you are right, this mirror should work just fine on my exotic Cruzbike, Free rider model. Recumbent with unusual handlebars (think Harley motor cycle with sissy bars). Thanks again excellent video.

    • Michael R Erb says:

      Lyle, glad you liked the review and hopefully you’ll also like the mirror. I used it all summer and fall and don’t really have any complaints. It’s certainly better than any other mirror that I’ve used. Do use some care in wiping the mirror though as it will scratch pretty easily. I use a microfiber cloth.

  2. Hi,

    Like you I have tried many mirrors myself, and haven’t been happy with anything that I have found. So I decided to design a mirror myself. It’s similar to the Chuck Harris mirror, only better. Fifty percent of the mirror is made with recycled material. The mirror itself is high quality glass that I polish myself. The mirror doesn’t vibrate or move while you are riding. The view is fantastic. I have been making the mirrors for a year now. They are in 10 stores in south Florida. I also make them for the Coasal Cruisers bike club. The Venice police department are wearing the mirrors, and have endorsed them. The Venice police really like them because they can see everything behind them without turning there head. I can put any logo on them that you want. You can see the mirror on my websiste, they are on E-bay, and Facebook. I would love to send you one. Just send me your information. You can contact me at monkeymirrors@hotmail.com. My phone number is 734 788-9195. I look forward to hearing from you.


    • Michael R Erb says:

      Bob, thank you for your offer and of sending me a mirror for review. I’ve worn it on my helmet for several rides and I like it a lot. I’ve posted a full review of it. Hope you find great success in your business!